Sunday, November 29, 2009

Life In Color

Apple pie and fireplaces,
warm my core and leave me feeling satisfied.
Days of thanks and warm cozy beds,
cuddle-naps and hot coffee in big mugs.
Late night talks with brothers,
searching for cat videos and new phones.

We have a very merry Franksgiving,
as babies chased kitties
who chase toys thrown by parents.
Couples dance as the men play their guitars.
I'll sing Beatles songs along with them,
the women follow with shakers,
baby Jaxson dances.

Late nights, early mornings,
this week sees little sleep.
So many outings, you see all from your past.
Who knew the bars in Nevada City held so much.
Dancing in the kitchen,
with fist pumps and booty shakes.
I missed you.

Sisters united, laughing uncontrollably.
Our serious faces never work,
and the longer we are together, the sillier we get.
Love knows no boundaries,
no matter how far away from each other,
we are always close.

Pick ups and drop offs,
bad church services and non-drowsy allergy meds.
You, me, and Food Network.
We're cute together, you know that?
A kiss goodbye,
and we're back on our countdown.

My life in color,
the autumn brings life with the fall of the leaves.
They come and they go,
but you are the ones that bring the color to me.


miles b. said...

You are awesome.

AFranks said...

Your blog is so fun! Especially when I am part of it. I like countdowns that don't start in the 30s. Amen?