Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nothing Like This

It seems as though I'm changing in every aspect of my life right now. Words become deeper, more full and with more meaning. My ideas and my thoughts are becoming more of my own, more personal and permanent. My bones ache, I'm pretty sure I'm going through late puberty part two... Is that even normal for my age?
Unintentional, it may seem, but there are things that I need to proactively change. It's sometimes so difficult to make change where your first instinct would be the total opposite. I need to work harder to create friendships here. The E in my ENFP has been destroyed by night classes, youtube, and bad tv shows I can watch for free online.
1. Must work harder to stay active during the day. I know that moving my body makes it feel better.. And will probably help it get to sleep faster at night.
2. Get outside for goodness sake. Walk to coffee shops close by rather than driving to ones farther away. It's okay to talk to people I know.
3. Pursue relationships that are present in my life and just have not taken action or initiative in. Sometimes you just have to be the person that works harder at building up a friendship.

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Moorea Seal said...

GO GIRL. sometimes its good to feel some sort of stretching, aching re-birth of sorts. as for your body, who knows why its wanting to change, but it is now a physical reminder of inward growth too. the inward growth is good for you, so let the outer growth be positive and healthy too despite what your mind may or may not want.
you are evermore beautiful with each day.