Thursday, December 17, 2009

Instead of State Reports and Math 86

I'm studying for my Sociology final which is tonight.

I. Theory of Differential Association
- How does a normal person step into violation of the norms?
1. Criminal behavior is learned
2. Learning techniques for committing crime
3. Motivation and drive, rationalization.
- Criminal action when there is an excess of definitions favorable to violating laws.
II. Labeling Theory: Self Fulfilling Prophecy
- Once a person is labeled, they are more prone to act out that behavior
- Self Fulfilling Prophecy-
1. You will act out with the label, if you believe in the label
2. Imagery (Picture this..)

Question. Why aren't kids in middle school being taught this? I think if I had the knowledge of these things as a kid, my urge to feel popular and accepted would have been obliterated completely. Instead, I spent my lunches being shunned by my friends, cut off all of my hair, and wore ridiculous clothing, including pink bowling shoes. Le sigh.

Question of the blog:
Whether it was the first at a new school, or just the most eventful, what is your most vivid memory of your first day of school?

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miles b. said...

none are very vivid... But one thing I do remember is walking out my front door on the first day of fifth grade, wearing my denim jeans and matching denim jacket. oh yeah, awesome.