Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get Outta My Face

You know you've gone too far on Facebook when..
1. You join Mafia Wars.
2. You state you are married to your roommate, and your bffs are your children.
3. Your profile picture is of someone you don't know, it's just a really awkward photo.
Dang it, I'm 2 out of 3 now.

Hey remember when Facebook didn't look like this:

Pretty weird. Seems like just yesterday it looked like this:

Maybe that's because Facebook changes every day? Possibly. I preferred the pre-Twitter life. Let's go back even farther, down memory lane, to 2007. Seems like forever ago when we Facebooked like this:

That was my personal fave, to be honest. I liked the little man on the upper left corner. Did you know that Facebook was originally made for only Harvard Students? It then opened to other Boston colleges. Later expanding to all colleges and then high school, it then all went down hill when my mom added me.

This was the original Facebook in 2004, actually called Thefacebook. And now you, and I, and 350 million other people are creepily connected on a site that's only been around for 5 years. Crazy!
And now the privacy settings have completely changed, so if you haven't gotten on that, I would suggest you do it soon because a lot of people have totally unprotected profiles that anyone can look at. Yikes, no thanks.

Question of the blog:
In junior high school, I remember joining Hi5, and all of these weird social networking websites in hopes of being cool.. or something. What are some of the weird sites you used for social networking in the past?


Moorea Seal said...

i joined facebook right when it was released to all college students. weird.

i also was on myspace, live journal, and a bunch of other things i cant remember anymore. i know i did this one before facebook opened up that i cant remember. and another weird one. oh and an all girls artsy one. and yes

Alexandra said...

I did this thing called Style Mob where you like upload pictures of your clothes.. and I got such bad reviews I deleted it soon after. I wasn't indie enough.

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