Friday, December 11, 2009

Tie Up Your Boots!

5 Things I Love About Winter

1. Fireplaces.
What could be better than cozying up with someone (boyfriend) in front of a warm fireplace? Gah. Love it.

2. Victorian Christmas.
For those who don't live in Nevada County, we have a night market with Christmas carolers and vendors and hot chocolate and it just sets the season. Best.

4. Christmas Music
I'm not talking about cheesy Christmas tunes revamped by Taylor Swift, I'm talking about Nat King Cole and company playing in our living room as we decorate the tree.

3. "Home for the holidays"
Helloooo, all my favorite people come home! What could be better than that?!

5. Christmas Dinner
Dressing up pretty, eating our classic meal, and plum pudding. Plum pudding, how I adore thee. The perfect wrap-up to a wonderful day

Question of the blog:
What is one of your favorite things about wintertime?

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