Monday, December 14, 2009

Pleasant Surprise!

Look look! New Years Resolutions from this year, and I'm almost all finished!!

1. Learn to be happy alone. - I am doing really well at this. The older I get, the more comfortable I am at being alone. Of course there is always room for improvement, so part check.
2. Get better sleep. Meaning no more staying up past 12:30 on a regular basis. - I go through week phases. This week has been decent? Around 1 am. But some weeks I am asleep by 11:30! Part check.
3. Spend lots of time with the little sister. When I was 13, I always felt very alone. - I've been trying really hard. With both of our busy schedules, I would say this is the best it's been all year. Check.
4. Improve/expand vocabulary. 'Nuff said. - I have been getting better at this. I'm not sure about expanding my vocabulary, but I speak more eloquently than I did in January. Check.
5. If not work at Camp Hammer this summer, at least volunteer for 2 weeks. -I worked at Wolf Mountain! Check!
6. Learn to control my emotions. - I'd say I'm doing much better at this one. Sure I have my girl moments, but I am more capable of controlling emotions and keeping them inside. Unless we're talking about movies.. in which case, that's another story! Check.
7. Stay fit! - I have been active recently, and I'm proud of my eating. And thank goodness for our Wii Fit! Check.
8. Read more books. -I've read quite a few books this year, but I have been slacking the past few months. I started a new one yesterday though, so I will go with a check.
9. Save money for new camera. Nikon D50? D80? - I bought a Nikon D60! It's my lil baby! Check.
10. learn to stand up for myself. Do what is best for me! - Yes! Check.
11. Stop being afraid that people will not like me. I realized that thats just life, and some people will like you and some people wont, and I shouldn't get as offended as I do. - I am so much more confident about myself than I was in January. I believe in myself. With this one, comes many thank yous to a few people who have taught me a lot about myself this year. Thank you! Check.
12. Get lots of more music. - I rocked this one this year. Check.
13. Watch more movies that I have never seen before. - I watched a multitude of movies in the spring, and have been pretty good at keeping up this fall. But all in all, I think this one deserves a check.

Only two I still need to really work on! This was a good year for resolutions.

Question of the blog:

How did your New Years Resolutions of 2009 go?

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