Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fritzles Froozdays

If I had a daily/minutely blog like my sister Moorea, that is what I would name today's.
If you have not already read her blog, check it out here:

But what I really was planning on posting about was my craving for a new pair of jeans. Some days, you just want a new pair of jeans to spice up your life. I am awaiting a new pair so I can throw out about 2 or 3 that I don't ever wear.
I searched online all night long for destroyed boyfriend denim that was inexpensive. Can you believe people are willing to spend $185 on a pair of jeans? No thank you. I'm thinking $40 maximum.
Alas, I can't find any that fit my style.. Whatever that is. But I did find these this morning. They may not be as destroyed as I like them, but a few days in the wilderness can change that. And yeah.. They're in the boys section. But that's what I'm looking for!

Hollister + Alexandra = Weird. But they are cute, so there we go. And on clearance for $40! But I only have $75 in my bank account until my next paycheck.
Feeling financially secure > Denim.
Woe is me.

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