Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thought For The Day

Or maybe lifetime.

Phil Wickham - Divine Romance

Maybe our universe is just a teensy explosion inside a jar of an alien, an infinite time bigger than us.
Maybe we are nothing at all.. and I have been dreaming this whole thing up.
Maybe God doesn't exist..
But at least I will die with life knowing I lived as if there was one.
And I will die knowing I lived a life that was faithful and loving,
where I tried my best.
I will have lived a life that was worthy to what our minds and souls have felt as God.
I will have practiced peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control.
I will have bettered the planet, and changed someone, if even just one person's, life.
Maybe God doesn't exist...
But I can't deny something that I see, feel, crave, and need every day of my life.
I have found my God and he is in no place in particular. He is all around me.
Not just in the place where I worship on Sundays,
or where I bend my knees down to pray.
My God is all around me,
Through the trees of the forests I walk through,
and the roads that I drive on when I want to get lost.
My God is in the smile that greets me in the mornings on my way to class,
the tears that overwhelm me with the feeling of true beauty.
The drink that is so sweet to my lips,
and the warm food that fills my cold body after a long winter day.
The clothes that cover this oftentimes lifeless body.
He is all around me, like music in the wind and the freshness of water.
Sometimes I think, maybe God doesn't exist at all..
But something lives in my heart that is inaudibly beautiful.
Something that is unexplainable and leaves me dumbfounded most of the time.
But it is the power of peace and harmony which passes all understanding..
the power which is intertwined in every fiber of my being.

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Mike Ivey said...

you have changed my life