Monday, January 12, 2009

Style A.D.D.

My mind is going crazy today.
I want a change. I feel as though I am in a style rut. Every 6 months or so I get really tired of how I look.. Everything from hairstyle to earrings to makeup to clothes to shoes.
I am in that tired state right now...
Maybe dye? No... I'm trying to stay subtle for now, I don't want to do something too drastic. (Blondification of 2006)
Cut my hair? No no no. I am satisfied with my long hair. (Drastic cut of 2006)
I could burst out in colors again.. Although I looked like the ultimate high schooler. Possibly junior high schooler. (2006)
I could go back to daily scarves... But those are super in right now. (Spunkmaster Z of 2007)
Blech. So over matchy matchy. I was so baby. (2005?)

Earrings? Took my gauges out, again. Maybe I will start wearing my big earrings again. (Oct. 08)
Or I could at least start doing my hair pretty from time to time.. (Feb. 2008)
I feel like it was just last month that I felt completely awesome and somewhat stylish.. Wait.. I DID feel completely awesome and somewhat stylish last month! I need a change!
Must think of cool new awesome style or at least a new one that makes me feel unique and pretty!
I just bought some really cute flouncy clothes, lots of purples and blacks... Maybe movies and books will give me inspiration. I will update my fellow readers soon on my discoveries.

Cool Alexandra, 2007?
Flirty Alexandra, 2006

Military Alexandra, 2006
Funky Alexandra, 2007
I was so cute once.


Moorea Seal said...

oh shut up. so cute, once?
so cute always. im your older sister and i have always felt like you were/are way cuter than me.

well i am feeling in style rut too... UGH. what can we do?

Alexandra said...

I don't know! I have been thinking this for me: Stardust, Narnia, Lord of the Rings. Fairy flowy and dainty. Not so clunky. I'm still exploring though. I reallly like my outfit today. I will take a picture for you. love ya