Wednesday, May 6, 2009

From the Future...?!?!

I'll be honest, I do not grasp science well.. Or life in general I suppose. Anyways, I have always thought it... Did I already write a blog about this..? (pause)
Okay I didn't find any blogs of mine that have a similar subject, so I'll continue. (play)
I have always thought it was weird that we have time zones. Because let's be honest, my friend who lives in New Hampshire, who is 3 hours away from me is talking to me from the future. I mean come on, it's not midnight for me for another 3 hours and yet she is already in tomorrow!
One time, when Mike was still at school in Idaho (one hour ahead of Nevada City), I left him a voicemail that sort of went like this,
"Hey it's Zandra... It's 2:22 here so it's 3:33 there..."
Probably one of the dumbest moments of my life.
And today, as I remembered that moment, I of course put it as my status on facebook.
My New Hampshire friend, Chelsie by name, wrote in response:
"It's 8:09 here!
(the future is talking to you)"
And I laughed out loud so hearily.
It makes me sort of sad that I'm talking from the past to her... sort of pathetic compared to the fact that she is defying all scientific law by talking to me from the future. How incredible! That just makes me smile. The end.

Question of the blog:
Right now my foot is incredibly asleep... So much that it is practically tickling me. What do you think is the worst part of your body to fall asleep? And did that question even make sense? hahaha


Chelsie said...

if this was facebook, i would "like" this.
probably three or four times. hahaha.
It boggles my mind too. Sometimes, I want to call someone on the west coast at noon my time and then i realize they are probably asleep still because it's only nine out there.
such are confusing ways of time.

Moorea Seal said...

this was the best post ever.

i HATE when i wake up and my arm was contorted in a weird way and so it fell asleep while i was sleeping too. then when i try to move it doesn't do what i do. i try to roll over and it gets stuck in a weird position and i want to scream i'm so annoyed and uncomfortable. the end.