Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sweet Taste of Victory!

Today, as I returned Synecdoche, New York (a very odd movie indeed) to my beloved Video Library, I got a bubble gum from the giant bubble gum machine. The only person I have ever known of getting a "winner" bubble gum (in which you receive a free movie rental) was my little sister. So jealous.
Well, today, my friends... Today was the day where I finally won a free movie rental!!!!! I am going to snuggle up now and watch Burn After Reading, which I heard was hilarious. Today, I am going to have a wonderful day. I keep telling myself that, and I have a wonderful friend who reminds me of how beautiful life is every time I talk to him. So thank you for that, if you are reading. You have no idea how much your friendship means to me.
Welllll, off to watch this movie. Have a lovely Tuesday.

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Moorea Seal said...

i just wrote this about you under one of the pics in my family album:

Alexandra is almost 19 and is one of the most mature young women i know. She is independent and strong but as snuggly sweet as a teddy bear. pookie sister, someone i admire so deeply and aspire to be like. So honoring to God and faithful and loyal. She is very wise and one of the few people i know who truly and intuitively lives what she believes. She is deeply giving and self sacrificing and was MADE to love others. Her greatest gift is her huge and welcoming heart. I wish i understood how to reflect the simple yet beautifully complex love that God has for us like my sister does. She knows Gods heart. She is one of those people you meet you you instantly feel comfortable with and accepted by. what a joy in my life.

i love you. call my anytime sister.