Sunday, January 17, 2010

Balance Beam Sort Of Days

Guys, I got a slackline for Christmas!
Excited? Yes. And you should be too, because if we are friends, then I want to play with you!

This was a day down in Long Beach where we slacklined at a park. My mom and little sister both tried for the first time that day. It was hilarious.

This was the same that Bella fell out of a tree from like 7 feet up. But it was funny, I have to admit...

Slacklining is just so fun. I can't even describe it! It looks so simple, but is so challenging. Both my older sister and I have this overwhelming urge to compete with ourselves, to know that we are better. It think that's why I've enjoyed slacklining so far. One day, one day, I'll be really good at it. Promise. Let's play together.

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Moorea Seal said...

just found this. be confident in your love of God sister and who CARES if we suck at being theologians.

"It is not profound speculations, but a holy life that proves a man righteous and good. If thy memory could retain the whole Bible, and the precepts of all the philosophers, what would it profit thee without charity and the grace of God! 'Vanity of vanities! and all is vanity,' except only the love of God, and an entire devotedness to His service... The soul is not to be satisfied with the multitude of words; but a holy life is a continual feast, and a pure conscience the foundation of a firm and immovable confidence in God. The more thou knowest, and the better thou understandest, the more severe will be thy condemnation, unless thy life be proportionally more holy."

-Thomas a Kempis, from The Imitation of Christ