Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Lost Art Of Long Names

A lot of people ask me why I introduce myself as Alexandra, and not a shorter name. To be honest with you, I like my long name better than any shortened version of it. Zandra, Z, you can call me what you'd like, but sometimes I wonder, where has appreciation for long names gone?
Nicknames have taken over. I have never met someone who had gone by Timothy, or Jennifer, or even another Alexandra. Instead, shortened version have replaced these pretty names. Every chance I get, I call people by their real names. Dustin, if you're reading this, the moment you started going by Dustin and not Dusty, I took it. I don't know what it is about long names, but I just love it. (This does not mean I don't like short names... In fact, I could never call my friend Alex by her full name, Alexandra. Her nickname is more of her name than Alexandra is!)

My name is Anne Alexandra Magdalen Ouida Houston Seal.
Anne - Hebrew, meaning gracious and merciful.
Alexandra - Greek, meaning protector and defender of mankind
Magdalen - English, meaning woman of Magdala (or tower)
Ouida - French, meaning famous warrior

I feel as though I take those meanings upon myself. I am a part of my name. If you know me, you know how closely I pay attention to meanings. I think they are important. I love the thought behind a chosen name.

Question of the blog:
I know a few friends that have always gone by their full names, and a nickname sounds so foreign to them. Do you prefer your real name, or your nickname?


miles b. said...
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miles b. said...

My real name is a distance and my nickname is a warning...

So I guess either is appropriate.