Monday, January 18, 2010

Better Days

Wet feet, wide eyes, adventure.

Clear umbrellas and rain boots,
We trudge our way up to what scares me the most.
I'm more brave this time around,
more brave than ever.
My hands are cold, and I am shaking,
Holding still only as long as my shutter speed.

Friends from far away,
and lyrics running through my head.
Catch up on lost times,
I'm trying hard not to be scared.
This place is dark at all times,
sing me one last dying tune.

Capture what is left of the light,
we go quickly, not to miss anything.
Wet, lonely, abandoned.
You are the building that is fenced in.
All that remains is ghosts from years past,
and paint chipping away.


un parayer de pertenencia said...

Love. You. So. Much.
As scary as that place was i absolutely loved the adventure and the time i got to spend with you.
That time with you was such a refreshing get good.
I can't even explain how good it was to see you.

Moorea Seal said...

what building was that?

un parayer de pertenencia said...
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Alexandra said...

It's the outpatient part of the Mental Institution, the place you have probably gotten your passport done, but they shut down the whole building. The Lion's shooting guy came there and killed two people the same day he killed the girl at Lion's. It's on the way to matthew's house.