Monday, September 15, 2008

Dad's Dream

This was sooo long ago, but I still look back on this blog i posted on MySpace and laugh. If you know my father, he is a world traveler, and loves other countries. And although he knows so much, he tells everything with a peaceful and knowing voice. this morning was defintely not like him, and I will always remember this!

May 9, 2007

This morning when i woke up, i walked into the living room with some cocoa pebbles and my dad comes running in and goes I NEED FOOD! so he grabs a matzo and tells me this dream. its from his point of view, and he dictated this all to me, so none of it was fabricated. minus the fact that it was a dream.

"I was staying in Istanbul but I was sleeping outside in this ruined ancient building and it was on a small cliff about 20 feet high and for some reason I never fell off. And then I went to go to a Hamman which was supposedly in my dream the cool place for 20 somethings to go in Istanbul for some reason. Although the building was about 20 feet long, there were tons and tons of people going in because they would go downstairs into an underground dance club. Then I went into a store to buy some clothes and for some reason I took off my trousers in front of everybody to try some shorts on. My trousers were dark green cargo pants with shiny black plastic netting over them, and somehow I lost them, or they got stolen. I thought I lost my wallet which had all my credit cards and passport and I couldn't remember where I left my luggage. And suddenly Istanbul was turned into Palermo and suddenly I had my luggage back, but I had to figure out how to get to Rome to the airport, which is like, from San Diego to Sacramento in distance. So I walk into a parking lot and there is Chris Britton talking to his daughter Rebecca in a car. And for some reason Chris had put on clown makeup and he had put it on himself and didn't really do a good job. For some reason they were living in Palermo. So I ask him if he can take me to Rome and he says yes. So then for some reason a nice guy puts all my stuff into Chris's car which for some reason had transformed from a Mini to a truck, and one of the things he put in was a bag of luggage full of Airborne, and said 'you can drink this on the plane, except that you wont be able to roll up your trousers above your ankles.' Then we were driving around Palermo to leave for Rome and my last words were, 'I love this place.'"

I love my dad =]

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