Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Day In the Life

One of my favorite places to study, or even to just sit and read or hang out with friends, is a cafe in Nevada City called Cafe Mekka. The environment is so peaceful and it has a feel to it that you are home. Today, I was studying the book of Matthew, chapter 5. It is one of my favorite chapters, and is Jesus's sermon on the mount. This is a very important part in the new testament because Jesus gives us a TON of direction in our lives, all in one sermon. He covers everything from anger to divorce, to love and enemies. Once i had finished reading his sermon, I decided to read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon. One of my very close friends gave me the book, and I told him I would read it so I could learn more about his faith. It is so interesting to read about other faiths and religions. Anyways, I was reading 2 Nephi 2 today when 4 British tourists came into Mekka and sat next to me. They were so adorable, in their early 50s, and talking about the tees they bought today and drinking coca cola. My friend Cara Sether walked by, asked what I was doing, and I told her "i'm trying to study the Book of Mormon, but the old english is so hard to interprate!" and the British tourists said, "Oh believe me, (so and so) book is much more difficult!" and the tourists and I got into a conversation. I told them that I was born in Peterborough and two of them said simultaneously, "Good grief!" The four actually lived in a village 40 miles away from there! We chatted a little more, about dental hygiene and accents, and went their separate ways. I've never really enjoyed talking to strangers, but I love talking to English people. Brits are just so kind and lovely! Besides sleeping through my class this morning (kill me), today has been really good. Plain bagel toasted with butter, iced chai tea, studying the bible, learning about other religions, British folk, and i bought a new pair of Toms shoes, and a Toms shirt. Brilliant! I hope work goes well tonight!

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