Thursday, September 18, 2008

Text Your Secret

I am a big fan of Post Secret, an online community where people send their secrets on a postcard to a man by the name of Frank. He posts them on his site ( and every Sunday there is a new batch up. I was reading his blog and he asked the question, could you text a stranger your secret? I thought about it, and i gave it a try. It was nice to know someone knew a secret, but could never hold it against me because we didn't know each other. I put myself out there, and gave people the opportunity to text me. This has been an eye-opening experience. None of them are from numbers I know, none in area codes I know either. These are the ones i have received so far:

"The most beautiful thing on this earth to me besides my girlfriend (who I'm losing) is my kitty rose"
I sent this person a text back, and he responded with a photo of his cat. She really was beautiful.

"I miss the imaginary friends i had as a child now tht im older i feel like part of me is missing"

"I have many friends but the truth is I dont really think too highly of any of them. Most are simply there for entertainment."

"I am transforming my body so that when he returns from australia he might think of me as more than a friend."

"I wish i was as confident and as beautiful as i pretend to be."

"I assume that every single person i love will leave me."

"I have fallen in love with the person I told myself i wouldn't, and I could care less."

Reading these has been so nice. I like the thought of being the keeper of others secrets. And I'll be sure to add more as people send me their secrets.

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