Monday, September 8, 2008

Finding God, Part 1,

One of my favorite things to do is take photos. Whether it is just taking candids of my friends, setting them up as models in a shoot, or capturing beautiful things all around me... Here are some of my photos.

Moorea. Camp Hammer. 2008

Phoenix. Camp Hammer. 2008

Ah-Yeah. Camp Hammer. 2008

Stinger. Camp Hammer. 2008

Canadian Coin. 2008

Miles. Yuba River. 2008

Fireworks. Fourth of July. 2008

Night. Long Beach. 2008

Sunset. Grass Valley. 2008

Clouds. Grass Valley. 2008

Bella. Long Beach. 2006.

Piano. Long Beach. 2005

Bella. Long Beach. 2008

Sunglasses. Long Beach. 2008

Stone. Yuba River. 2008

Flying Over Cuba. 2008

Wine. Nevada City. 2007

Sunset. Point Loma. 2007

Jillian. Nevada City. 2008

Moorea. Grass Valley. 2007

Kitty Paw. Nevada City. 2007

Cafe Mekka. Nevada City. 2007

Getty Museum. Los Angeles. 2007

Moorea. Laguna Hills. 2007

Nutmeg the Squirrel. Long Beach. 2007

I'll upload more later.

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Anonymous said...

i enjoy your photos and photography sooo much!