Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life Advice 101

The one great thing about working at Caroline's Coffee, was the relationships I built from it. Not just with my coworkers, but my customers. Indian Spice man, who worked across the street. Caramel Mocha Freeze girl, who faithfully came in almost every day. Tina, and her husband Dick, she would always get a 16 oz. black and white mocha, with the powder, with whipped cream. Paul, who got a 12 oz double capp "a liiittle on the wet side." His coffee club card, is phenomenal. I will take a picture next time I am at Caroline's. Hundreds of little tick marks for all of the cappucinos he has ordered at big store.
Who could forget Big Dog? always a G. even though he's like 50. And the trumpet player outside, who will be forever remembered by leaving a 5 minute message that consisted of the same few sentences, "Trace... I play the trumpet outside, outside of the Caroline's store... Yeah, Trace, I play the trumpet and I have a question... You see, Trace, I play the trumpet...." The older couple who always ordered a mocha freeze, and a white mocha freeze. they always got the extras in another cup. They asked me such interesting questions, that brought back so many memories. (See my first blog, it is about this couple.)
And Dave. Oh, Dave. Who couldn't love that gentle giant? Dave, with missing teeth and his dedication to JC Pennies sales. His "loveee," Lisa. And all of his advice for me. Oh, the hours I have spent listening to Dave ramble on and on about nothing. His creepy laugh, and the little whistle that comes along with every "s" he says. All of the random life advice I have gotten from my customers is probably more than I have gotten from my parents or close friends.. I will display a few here.

"Alexandra, you need to marry a Mark." -Dave

"Alexandra, you look like Cleopatra with this hair. Like Alexandra in Egypt." -Dave

"Don't marry for money. Don't marry for love. Marry for both, in case one runs out." -Dave (He literally tells me this every time he sees me.)

"JC Pennies is the place to go, for everything." -Dave

"I can't buy more clothes, I already have too many! I gotta wear out the ones I have first!" -Dave, on shopping at JC Pennies. He wears the same outfit every day.

"You have to marry your best friend. It's easy to love someone, it's harder to like someone. Everything else will run out, and in the end you are left with your best friend. You have to be best friends." -Tina and Dick

I dedicate this blog to Dave, my faithful customer and advice giver. Without him I would be a lost soul.

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