Friday, September 12, 2008

The Thermos

Today, after a 5 month battle, I finally broke down and bought the Thermos I had been drooling over at work. For some reason I hate spending money for myself, and am a little more comfortable but still anxious about spending for others. I find a sort of comfort in my hard earned money, and it is not as though I have greed over it, or lust after other things, I am just so afraid that if I do spend my money, I will need the money for something important later and not have it. Also, I am really afraid of somehow overdrawing my account and being denied of a purchase in public. All of this is besides the point. I bought this beauty today, and I am so ecstatic. I should probably take this as a sign that I need a life and/or friends if I am this excited about a thermos, and blog about it. But really, it is so sleek. So sexy. So BA. And it has a lifetime warranty. Perfect? Quite possibly. I am satisfied.

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