Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cat Naps and Power Outages

Wake up in a flash, to cold hands and feet.
What's new?
But this is my whole body... I'm freezing!
Open the blinds, and more fresh powder covers my driveway
The trees sway with happiness.

The local deer play in our backyard,
one following another, loving the fluffy clouds at their feet.
The power is out, but they don't mind.
Neither do I.
I daydream away at the thought of living with Amish people.

That green and white blanket we have had for so long.
Turning the couch around to face the fireplace, 
everyone seems to congregate to the living room for the day.

Cat naps by the fireplace, warm fur and soft paws
I lay on the floor with Wellington, and rest my head on my pillow...
For.. A... Nice....
Three thirty comes around, and as I awake, 
Wellington has successfully not moved a muscle for hours.

As I prepare for spaghetti night with the Ivey's, 
I sit in the room by the stove which has brought me warm comfort
every snowy winter power outage,
and I thank God for the seasons, for adventures, 
and for peace.


Moorea Seal said...

love it. aka love being down at the mackenzies. hey yo!

Rachel.d.Hurley said...

that sounds amazing