Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I am so glad some commericals are enjoyable to watch. There is the E*Trade baby, which is always creepy.. The iPod commercials that make you wanna dance.. Here is one I just watched, and it is so precious!

My ultimate favorite commercials I have ever seen are the Trigon Commercials. I love cheeky spunky little kids more than anything in the world. Remember that Chewy commercial a long time ago with little kids saying things they shouldn't? Like, "my sister dresses like a floozy!" and "my mom said she can't believe you wore white!"? That was so funny. I can't find it anywhere on YouTube..
Anyways, here are the Trigon commercials. Love it!

...And Spanish!

Ooh i's growin' now!

She had red ripstrick

He was injured... Injured bad...

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