Saturday, February 28, 2009

Student Choreography Showcase 2009

Last night was the Student Choreography Showcase at Nevada Union, where 17 dance students were chosen to choreograph a dance to whatever song they want. It is amazing to see the young talent in Nevada County, whether it be dancers, bands, or artists. One of my very good friends, Fiona MacKenzie, was chosen to choregraph a dance, and she decided to do it to my sister's song, "Death Of A City." Before my camera died, I was able to get one full video and two half videos of the performances. 

Take My Hand by Shawn McDonald
Choreographed by Rachel Webb

Elephant Gun by Beirut
Choreographed by Rose Alicia Allen

Death Of A City by Moorea Seal
Choreographed by Fiona MacKenzie

I will try and get someone to video tape full versions of the dances tonight, so check tomorrow for that!