Saturday, February 28, 2009

Unexpected Guests, Welcome!

Yesterday I got to hang out with one of my best friends who I rarely see anymore, because he attends Cuesta college in SLO. We went to sushi (of course) and .. I just remembered that the rest of my NC Roll is in the back of my car. I hope I remember to get that out soon... Anyways, as I was leaving, I saw some family friends who I used to babysit for. I was not expecting this, but they brought up my blog and how they read it! And then their daughter said, "was it you who put up that funny video of your sister?" Oh yes.. That was me.. Tye dye, head band, high socks and all.
For your viewing pleasure, here it is!
(UPDATE) Whoah.. It has an extreme delay. For a better view of it, check it out on my facebook.

Oh the world of online networking..
I never thought that they would read my blog.. I may just be lying to myself, but maybe there are a lot of people who read my blog that I never thought would! So, world, if this is your first time reading, hello and enjoy my blog!
Oh! They also did not fail to mention to their dinner guest who was a mathematitician, how much I hated math! Oh joy! Although they did recommend a book for me, the name escapes me right now but it basically went something like, "How To Not Hate Math." I should probably check that out some time. I think I could probably devote an entire blog column about my hatred of mathematics. Just give me the earth, some kitties and the Chronicles of Narnia, and I'm fine. I don't need math to love life, nor do I need it to clean teeth for a living. Take that!
But all of this is besides the point that I am welcoming you, my dear reader, to the wonderful.. scratch that, interesting and oftentimes odd and fanciful world of, well, my brain. In a blog. On the internet. Enjoy!

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