Thursday, February 5, 2009

Questionable Cuts

Some days, I just want spunky short hair that is crazy and messy and has no knots in it. Dream hair of the moment:
Alison Lohman (who starred in White Oleander and Big Fish, two really lovely movies)
PS She has really nice eyebrows.

I cut off all of my hair in 4th grade and gave it to Locks of Love. I was thinking about doing that again, but I would have to grow my hair out a few more inches. Too bad... Because lately I have just wanted flowy pretty pixie forest nature short hair. But I also love my long dancing pulled back or all around my face blowing in the wind long hair right now.
Any thoughts on which I should go for?
I wish you had the ability to circle an answer on Blogger. My dream blog would have this capability:

But really.. Any suggestions?


Moorea Seal said...


Mike Ivey said...

that's what i keep telling her!

and yes.

rebs. said...

do it. it would look so cute

MiSaO1990 said...

Cut it!! You would look cute either way, but if you want a change you should cut it!