Sunday, February 15, 2009

Curiousity Enhances the Tuxedo Cat

I'm looking up facts about the breeds of our two cats. Addie is a Tuxedo cat, or TC, and I'm pretty sure I just found the most ridiculous and false facts about tuxedo cats:

NASA is making plans to allow a tuxedo cat to be the first pet on the Moon, with studies indicating that TCs are also well suited for the Mars missions. (Yeah okay...)
In recognition of their formal attire, tuxedo cats are the only felines admitted to performances of the metropolitan opera. (And then they can meow along with the women in viking hats)
People who have agreed to serve TCs as food providers and toy throwers are more attractive than the average humans. (Models only.)
People who win lotteries are statistically more likely to live with TCs. (I'm hoping that this will occur in my family...)
Plants grown in houses where TCs reside are healthier and generally 20-50% larger than plants in non-TC households. (What, is their pee laced with Miracle Grow?)
Tuxedo cats can add single digit numbers and perform simple integrations. (2+2=Meow)
Tuxedo cats can, in an emergency, drive a car. (I'll keep that in mind, then next time I'm in an emergency with my cat...)
When a full moon occurs on the vernal or diurnal equinox, TCs can become invisible. (So
that's where Addie disappears to on the equinox!)

In conclusion, don't trust what you read on the internet. 


Moorea Seal said...

oh my gosh this was the best thing ive ever read. especially 2+2=meow and emergency car driver, and invisibility cloak cat

Novembersun said...

Hilarious! I was just doing the same thing, checking the net for facts about my tuxie when I cam across the same article. So during a cross check I came across your blog. Thanks for the good humor. My TC is very loyal to me. We call him Mister aka Mystery, while others have called him my dog. He fetches and follows me and is very selective with his other cat friends. He has playdates with the feral cat in my neighborhood. I love my kitty cat-dog.

DIYpets said...

These are true.