Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cupboards Full


Here's the thing about rainy days.
1. I think going to school should be illegal. Who likes to go to school in the rain?
2. There should always be a complimentary boyfriend/girlfriend to cuddle with.
3. Cupboards should be prepared with Minestrone and Baguettes.
4. Rainy days have the exact same playlist, every rainy day. Be prepared.
5. All human beings should have the day off from dressing nice. Pajamas in public- accepted.

Question of the blog:
What's on your rainy day playlist?

1 comment:

Beauty Like Henna said...

Well let's see, the top five in my rainy day playlist are:

1. Selah by Lauryn Hill
2. When You Taught Me How To Dance by Katie Melua
3. By My Side - Godspell (Broadway version)
4. Angel Standing By by Jewel
5. Little Prince - The Little Prince (Soundtrack)

Awe, I wish I had a rainy day now! I'm in England for goodness sake and it's been dry and sunny for almost two weeks strait now!