Sunday, April 25, 2010

You Will Remember

Alexandra is a flower in your hair. She is the tea-stained photo you stare at. She is the bonfire smell that has been woven into your clothes. Alexandra is a spring dress, and a photo to capture it all. She is the frisbee that is thrown in the sky. Alexandra is the long and winding road, and the volume up. Windows down. Heat on. Alexandra is arms crossed in contemplation. Alexandra is the bump on your head, and the sore feet after work. She is the dreams you won't remember. She is the excitement for the days to come.

Question of the blog:
(Insert your name here) IS...


miles b. said...

Alexandra is also in a classic alix mastrucci pose!

Chelsie said...

Chelsie is open windows on rainy days. She is the song constantly stuck in your head. Chelsie is the sandals on your feet, the freckles that kiss your cheeks and the warm summer breeze as the sun sets. She is the pearls around your neck. She is the color of Autumn; always changing, always bright. Chelsie is the Atlantic Ocean and the seashells that whisper in your ear. She is the cracking of knuckles and the click in your knee. Chelsie is the daydream that becomes a plan.