Monday, April 12, 2010

You're Out Of Your Element

I picked up my glasses yesterday! So here they are, in all their fun.
Yesterday was lovely in the sense that there was so much joy in my heart, that I haven't felt much of lately. It was so apparent through my continuous childish giggles, sporadic moments of diamond shopping, and sunset catching.
In a way, my life is at a very defined moment of change, like I'm at an important crossroad of some sort. The other day, I went to camp, and had a great realization that sort of placed me back into God's hands, and now I am making decisions according to His will, and not mine. Sooo, prepare for some big things happening in Zanda Panda's life pretty soon.
Among other things, I am getting my hair highlighted tomorrow. This is the first time I've dyed my hair in quite a few years...

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?
Oh yes, graduation time, 2008. Practically natural hair color, when it was super long and whispy indian hair. I want this baaaack!

I think this must have been Sophomore year of high school, when I dyed it red a lot, and was a teensy little baby. Divide myself by 6 and you basically have Alexandra as a sophomore in high school.
Half way through my sophomore year, I dyed my hair platinum blond. It turned out to be more like an awesome fire, where my roots were super blond, and my ends were red. Shortly after this, I chopped it off and dyed it brown again.

One of my first times dying my hair, and still a favorite. Red hair, blond bangs. So sassy and fun. Freshman year of high school.
Question of the blog:
When it comes to hair, I've always been sort of a rebel. I've always thought of it as a secondary deal, like if I'm not satisfied with the way it turned out, oh well. Big changes are my faves though... With most things.
Are you good with change, or are you the type of person that prefers predictability?


Christopher Seal said...

That last one looks like Bella!

Mimi Sison said...

Wow, gorgeous senior portrait you have there!