Monday, April 5, 2010


Wednesday marks 8 months from this first photo, also known as the 8th month Andy and I have been dating. Today is opening day for the Giants, and I am home watching and listening online, slightly lost, but enjoying the win nonetheless.

For me, baseball is one of those things that has memories building behind it. The first time I ever went to a professional baseball game was with Andy, on August 7th of last year. It's fun to learn and listen all about it, try to comprehend the strategy behind all of what the players do, and the tradition that has been there for years and years.
When I think of baseball, I think of my lovely boyfriend. I think of standing in San Francisco, with the bay behind me and the sun setting. It's the bright orange SF on my hat. And a reminder that in two days it will be another month I've been dating mister Andrew.
We're in the ninth inning and I've only had to call Andy once this entire game.

Question of the blog:
I've never been much of a sports follower, but I enjoy baseball a lot, along with a couple of others. Are you a big fan of any specific sports teams? What sport can you not stand to watch?


Symone said...

I am a huge baseball and football fan. I love my Mariners and Seahawks, even though they don't always win. I can't watch basketball for too long. I get sick hahaha. I also can't stand golf, which is sad because two of my best friends play golf like there is no tomorrow. I just didn't get into it.

miles b. said...