Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Puttin' Those In The Backpack

If there's anything you must know about me, it's that one of my favorite pastimes is deleting people off Facebook. I don't know what pleasure I find in it, but the satisfaction of deleting or denying friends us just so great for the ego!
One of my pet peeves about Facebook, though, is when people don't keep their profiles clean. Clean, meaning that they don't delete their activity, so half of their page is just "So and so is now friends with So and so." I am a cleaner.
In the process of cleaning up my profile (I sound like it's a chore, or something I do regularly... Which means I obviously need to get out more..), I decided to take a trip down memory lane as I kept clicking "Older Posts" at the bottom of my page. Let me tell you, I once was a much sassier woman. These are some of my favorite statuses I've written in the past.

Anne Alexandra Seal is going to punch microsoft or the government in the face, whichever i get to first. (Ahh, yes. When my computer was blue screening every day, and my voter registration wouldn't go through.)
Anne Alexandra Seal is "your head looks like it was stuck in a meat grinder" oh hey...thanks mom. (This was right after a hair cut that I loved. And obviously it didn't go over too well with the parents.)
Anne Alexandra Seal is hoping she can find her voodoo doll before it finds her. (I had this weird voodoo doll keychain. I never found it. That's probably the reason for my continual bad luck.)

Anne Alexandra Seal cried thirty tears while watching the season one finale of Avatar. (no, but really.)
Anne Alexandra Seal 's capa was detated (self explanitory.)
Anne Alexandra Seal is moving to Narnia forever. Kbye. (Still going to happen one day. Just you wait. I bet NARNIA doesn't have universities!)
Anne Alexandra Seal kittens and cameras and dancing with hippies, boyfriend and sewing and new sets of sharpies, dancing to deadbeats with angels with wings, these are a few of my favorite things. (That was a good night.)

My life is so random.

Question of the blog:
What do you think should be a rule in Facebook etiquette?


Christopher Seal said...

People should only be allowed to use their real names. That would make it possible for people to think before they write random stuff.

miles b. said...

I love this post. Probably because i relate so well.. Mainly because i too find joy in deleting friends and cleaning my profile. If i feel shitty, i just delete a few douchebags off the list who i'll never talk to again. Theres a lot of satisfaction there.

Facebook etiquette? Bah. Facebook is a dying medium & anyone who cant see that has obviously never been bombarded my mafia or farmville requests, seen their feed flooded by incredibly stupid & obvious fan pages, or been friend requested by their siblings-friends-mother, or fathers-business partners-wife.

Facebook is dying. Who needs etiquette to beat a dead horse.