Monday, March 2, 2009

Power of Nature

I'll admit it, I am easily amazed, but I think it is because of this quote that I am this way:

So maybe I am not crazy after all. Nature is amazing. One of my favorite things is when I see flowers sprouting through cement. It is a clear display that no matter what we build over and cover up, nature is more powerful. I was watching this tv show with my dad a few weeks ago. It was about what will happen when man no longer exists on the earth, and in a matter of a few hundred years, buildings will topple over, all will rust over and decompose as plants and animals advance. The earth will go back to how it was in the beginning, and all that will be left of human existence is stainless steel and styrofoam. 
How beautiful is that? The earth will fix itself. It is its own band-aid.
Nature is a beautiful and powerful thing. So here is to you, my dear friendly flowers, you little ants and every cloud in the sky. You mean so much to this world. You have the power to break through cement, if you just plant your roots firmly. You have the power to create armies in the ground, when humans never know you're there. You bring moisture to those who need it, you travel around the world with the power of the wind, and you can destroy anything in your path if you are big enough.
I love the earth.

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