Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy Bee

Fact: When I am stagnant, I am sad.
Fact: Mike leaves in 4 days.
I can see the result of this combination in full view. If I don't start making plans and staying busy, I will surely get depressed very easily.
My goals this next week are as follow:
1. Do not skip any classes. This will only make you sad.
2. Do not miss any physical therapy appointments. This will calm your back down.
3. Do not spend a lot of time in one place. Especially not in your room, alone. Emo.
4. Hang out with a lot of friends, this will help you grow closer in relationships as well as take your mind off of things.
5. Learn to make a new food. Maybe creme brulee?
6. Go on a drive, or a photoventure.
7. Work my hardest, even though my mind will be on other things. Focus.
I am determined to keep my joy in the midst of a life changing moment that has the opportunity to break my spirits. This will happen. I will be a busy bee and I will be joyful.

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