Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh Blessed Am I

I praise God every day for being so sneaky in my life. He gives and He takes away, and although it makes me sad that things don't always go the way they seem, I know He is protecting me and taking care of me.
Not only this week did I get two paychecks I forgot to pick up, but Solveig, the deaf elderly woman I help a few times a week gave me a check today. I am so blessed to have a job during this time where many people do not, and I thank God for giving me the heart I have to serve others. 
Today, I am praising God for being so good to me. For giving me the opportunity to serve your children. For giving me wonderful friends, a caring family, and a boyfriend who is so good to me. For all the joy in my heart. For giving, and for taking away. God, you are good.
Skip the first 45 seconds of this video. I performed this song with the Nevada Union Chamber Choir last year, and it brings me so much joy to hear it and sing it. Oh blessed am I.
Sing a Mighty Song (performed by the ETBU Concert Choir)

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