Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Zshoozsch

I have never been one to call my family "normal."
Actually, I think my family prides themselves with the fact that we are, honestly, weird.
One thing I love about my family, is the weird names we attach to inanimate objects. 
For example: My dad does this thing. This THING! that just drives us girls crazy. He will be typing on his computer and start saying something like, "Bel-Moor-Gae-Well-Zandra... Could you.." dot dot dot.. 10 seconds later, "yes dad?" ...10 seconds later, "Could you pass me that uh.." ...he keeps typing along... "DAD. What do you want?!?!" ... "Could you uh pass me uh.. that, those nose blowing things..." 
Tissues? Of course. I honestly think I could walk to Mexico, buy myself a burrito, and walk back before my dad gets his sentences together while he is on his computer.
Ever since then, we call tissues, "nose blowing things" every once in a while.
Another great example is the ...Remote. Man, that is weird to say. In my family, we call it the channel changer. Because, honestly, what else does it do? My boyfriend still thinks it's weird that we call it the channel changer.
My favorite example as of late is what we call this little blender we have. It is a handheld thing, and at the end is this really sharp spinny blade thing, and we use it to mix drinks (especially the milk I have which has a layer of solid cream on top. SICK.) and chop up little foods. Anyways, my dad and I can never really choose a name for it, because it's not really a blender, and it's not a mixer because it's too powerful for a wimpy name like that. So we call it the "zshoozscher." I wish I could have one of the pronunciation buttons right here, so you could hear how we say it. But basically, to zshoozsch something is to blend it with this little blending mixer contraption we have.
I have become so frustrated in trying to explain how this thing looks and sounds, that I will be posting a video of it soon. So keep hitting that refresh button, I'll have the video up as soon as I.. record it, and then upload it.

So here is the question of the day for all of my blog readers: What are some of the weird names your family calls inanimate objects like this? 

PS I think I am going to start asking questions at the end of every blog post. Yes? Reactions? Anyone out there? Am I just posting these to myself?


Rachel.d.Hurley said...

when I was younger, we used to call conditioner "cream rinse" for no reason whatsoever that I know of. and I would always get weird looks from my friends if I was spending the night at their house and asked if I could use their cream rinse. it took a bit of explaining until eventually I just started calling it conditioner.

Moorea Seal said...

hahahah this was the best post ever

Mike Ivey said...

my family used to call pacifiers "Uh Ohs" because I used to take it out of my mouth and throw it across the room and yell, "UH OH!!" haha...