Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meanings and Memoirs

The other day, I was in my music appreciation class and Justin said, "are you okay? You don't look too good." And I said "Eh it's probably just because I'm not wearing makeup." And he said, "you don't wear makeup..."
Now this statement could mean two things. 

1. The makeup that I am using does not do the job. I pray to the Lord on high that this is not the reality of it, because I honestly, when I don't wear makeup I feel like this sometimes:

2. Reason number two for this statement could be that I'm doing a really good job at putting my makeup on. So well in fact, that it looks like I just stepped off my throne next to daddy Zeus and there's this epic trance music in the background going "mmts ahts mmts ahts"

I'm shooting for the latter.
(still playing the trance music in my head.)
On a lighter note, Miley Cyrus, who has been famous for about 3 years now, realeased her memoir last week. Wait.. Isn't she like, five?

Question of the blog:
Miley Cyrus's memoir: would you buy it? When do you think is appropriate age to write a memoir, and would you ever write one about your life?


Allie said...

Is that first picture Pizza Face from "Space Balls"? Ahahahahaha!

I plan on writing a memoir when I'm older.

Moorea Seal said...

oh my gosh this is a great post. and its prob because you are make up that doesnt look like you are wearing make up queen.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the whole memoir thing is a little weird. Memoirs can be neat, and for a lot of people, there's good reason to write one. Miley Cyrus at 16 years old? Don't think so.

All that being said, The Climb is a kick ass song.