Sunday, March 29, 2009

Proud Parent

Ahh, I love the Nevada Union choir. Friday night, Mike and I went to the Concert choir's Bon Voyage concert, and it was so good. And praise the Lord, I recently got a memory card that can hold about a billion minutes of video. I was able to record all of the songs, so for your viewing pleasure...
They are now on my YouTube! Check them all out, I will have about 6 of the best ones from the night up, and if people want, I will upload them all. This was my favorite song of the whole night, and the solo is by my dear friend Galen Fraser, who was my senior ball date, and is Alasder Fraser's son. And he's going to Berklee this fall. He's basically the most awesome person ever, and has a stunning voice! Listen to this and you will surely swoon. Enjoy!

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