Monday, April 6, 2009

Awkward Greetings

As you all know, I am a hostess at Sushi Q in Nevada City. I've worked there since August, so I have grown accustomed to the way things are run. When someone calls the restaurant, I say in a very smooth and sultry voice (not really), "good evening, Sushi Q..?" and move right along. Since I work three times a week, I would say I probably say those four words about 5 billion times a week. And because of that constant repetition, I have started doing this.
My cell phone is always on vibrate. Always. Cell phone is vibrate, house phone and work are ringing. So when I hear phones ringing, I instantly think, good evening, sushi q. Sometimes, I wish I wasn't such an idiot. All too many times, I find myself answering my home phone with, "good evening, sss... Hello?"
It is mortifying.
What is just as mortifying is when I first started working at Sushi Q, I was still working at Caroline's, so I would mix the two sometimes and say, "Caroli- I mean Sushi Q. (shudders in self disgust)"
So, if you are one who has experienced my awkwardness on ringing phones, I am sorry. My body just instantly wants to say, "Good evening, Sushi Q!"

Question of the Blog:
Sorry I haven't been doing the question of the blog lately. Do you ever have awkward phone mess ups like mine? What is your most embarrassing one?

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miles b. said...

I have a problem with talking at the same time as other people after lulls. It's awkward.