Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birthday Wishes

How do I say this to make it as unoffensive as possible? I don't really know how to say it, so I'll go right ahead. I don't really care about birthdays. I love the fact that people are born and that they are in my life, but shouldn't birthdays be in honor of the mother that had to give birth to you?! I mean come on, you didn't have to do anything! But really.. I don't honor many birthdays as big deals, and I especially don't care about mine.
Seeing as that this year my birthday falls on a Sunday and that my church is holding their annual spaghetti dinner, I feel as though my birthday will not be greatly celebrated. But that's really okay with me, because it's just another day! I'm not offended when I don't get birthday wishes, presents, or what have you. There are other days in the year which mean a lot more to me than my birthday.
Saying all of this, I do not look down on you for celebrating your birthday! I love celebrations, I'm sure I make too big of a deal when I have the opportunity to celebrate something, whether it be anniversary, holiday, etc. But I'm saying that my birthday is of no concern to me (probably at the lower end of my top 15 most important days of the year), BUT if you are feeling incredibly generous... I've got a list of 4 slash sort of 5 things that I am secretly hoping for for my birthday.
1. Animal Crossing on the Wii. Yes puh-lease.

2. A really nice electric toothbrush. Story of my life?

3. Just sayin, I only have volume 2, Issues 1-5 of the Amory Wars comic book. *hint hint* Don't hate me (Moorea.)

4. Nikon D80. Nuff said.

5. Another bible for writing in. I have this precious beloved bible of mine that I just can't highlight or write in. It's just so beautiful I don't want to destroy it.
I'm thinking none of these will happen, so I will just save up for each of them and buy them in the future. Ha. Or you could just buy me love Rita Meter Maid from the animal shelter.

Question of the blog:
What is your favorite day of the whole year? What holiday do you love to celebrate?

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Rachel.d.Hurley said...

christmas is by far the best! I'm not a fan of birthdays either.