Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whatchou Say?

Dreaming... This is probably the length I'd want to chop my hair to. Above the shoulder, A-line, lots of side-swept bangs. I am thinking so much about this. My inner girl is on overdrive right now just thinking about my haircut.

What do you think? Cut those suckas or keep my long hairs? GIVE ME YOUR OPINION.

(I probably should have taken better pictures of myself. Whatver get over it.)


MiSaO1990 said...

You should cut it!! I mean, I like your long hair, don't get me wrong, but the haircut would look so cute!

Moorea Seal said...

YEA SO CUTE do iiiiiit. then start wearing a dash of black eye liner along the top of your eye lids. so cute.

rebs. said...

oh my gosh, at first i thought you actually cut it and then realized you were only testing it. CUT IT. its so cute and fresh and fun. and you said yourself that your hair grows fast so if you get sick of it you can just grow it again. but i have a feeling you'll just love it. be brave! do it!