Monday, July 6, 2009

First and Foremost

I'm going to formally apologize for my lack of Question of the blog lately, but I will be sure to add those from now on. And due to my incompetence to keep them going, I will ask TWO today! What a treat!
Question of the blog: number one. My new banner, yes? Good? Or should I ix-nay it for something different?
Question of the blog: number two. I was talking to a friend yesterday about first memories.
One of my first memories was in England, and I was walking around our library while my dad and his friends were sitting around. I remember turning to my dad and telling him to show me his scar, which was on his stomach.
Another one of my first memories is playing McDonald's in the kitchen of our house in England. I remember sitting on the black and white checkerboard floor with Moorea, and we would record our voices into a little colorful tape player. "Wewcome too MacDonowds may I take yah ohdah?" We found tapes of us saying that a while back, and it instantly sparked my memory back to those days. I wish we still had those tapes.
What was one of your first memories of this world?


Chelsie said...

i opened up your blog and before i even read what you wrote, i thought: Wow, i really like the new picture,

Moorea Seal said...

WEWcome to MACdonowlds may i tAke yow O-dah? I miss those tapes. and sadly i don't remember recording it. but i do remember walking in the church with mr snowball playing the organ. playing in the bell tower on one of my birthdays and dad saying that there were monk ghosts, which got me excited. mom falling one time on her bum in the bathroom and really hurting her tailbone and crying. doing that one thing that dad had that he used when he meditated in his office upstairs. it was a metal object with two dangly things on the end that when you rolled it in your hands it would smack the drum part of it. playing in my doll house in that one nook above the stairs and looking into the garden. hearing the rooster crow while playing in the guest room. putting on ballet shoes in our bed room. swinging you on the swing in the garden. eating leaves off a vine attached to the fence (eek, poison?) listening to the beach boys with dad in the kitchen. mom forcing cooked spinach down our throats in the kitchen. mom singing along to K.D. Lang's "Constant Cravings" in the kitchen while i snuck After Dinner Mints from the cupboard. watching little mermaid in the playroom. watching larry get his teeth pulled out in the bathroom downstairs. easter egg hunts in fancy dresses. thinking that i saw santa claus the night before christmas, eating cookies. wearing jellies that i kept in the downstairs hall closet. playing with my roller blading doll in the downstairs hallway. listening to christian sing along tapes downstairs. the turtle shell in the dining room. the fake dinosaur poop that dad would try to make me touch and i would say no and would chuckle at me. your always messy face. braiding my little ponies' hair in the drawing room. this one cartoon movie that i cant remember the name of. trolls. holding a giant troll while potty training. getting cheechee and immediately wanting to put hair bands in her hair when she got home, in the play. you drawing on the wall behind the door in the play room. Gaga teaching me how to tap dance in the doorway to the play room. aunt nancy visiting with her friend. town hall meetings, and eating flan. bingo in the town hall. our cousin's house above the town shop. nellie's electric fireplace. a secret path leading to a meadow behind the town hall. bouncy castles in teh back yard on my birthday. your puppy dog themed birthday, and you eating cake out of a dog bowl with a messy face. sneaking nibbles of cat food from the window sill at the bottom of the stairs, (why did i eat such gross things?) anna falling down the stairs. man... i have a lot of memories. i could go on and on and on.
i don't know what my first memory was. probably something to do with Sesame Street. or dancing to Madonna. Or "walk like an Egyptian"

Moorea Seal said...

also, banner YEs love it.