Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mail Call and Starry Nights

Another week has gone by... Only one more full week of campers and I am done for the summer. WHAT? It's gone by that fast? I was blessed with a great group of silly girls who loved Slip and Slides and too much candy. This week was great!

Crafts! I now have a new necklace and keychain thanks to my girls.

Counselor Hunt! giggles won again, and she looked incredible!!

More crafts. I love macro.

Slip and Slide! My girls made me go on it with all my clothes on, and we had a blast.

One of my babies was a gymnast and runner, and was incredibly flexible. She would hop onto the slip and slide and shoot down that thing faster than I have seen anyone go! ahahah

My girls and I at the Slip and Slide.

Magic Carpet rides. We sang Little Red Wagon too many times.. Including one round of 24 verses. I loved this week's enthusiasm and joy.

Low ropes. I did a little debrief about the body of Christ and working as a team, I would really suggest reading it if you haven't before. 1 Corinthians chapter 12 verses 12-26. I feel it is incredibly important that all Christians read and desire the knowledge that comes from these passages. It really changed me as a person and how I handle relationships in a Christian manner.

Yayyy my babies! They are all so cute and I am so blessed to have had such a stretching cabin.

Creek walk. What a beautiful adventure and a wonderful opportunity to bask in God's glorious nature.

This week was just so great, and I'm excited for this week to come. I'm going all out this week, and I think we're going to have lots of fun =]

Question of the blog:
While on the creek walk, I was bit several (maybe several is a little vague) times by mosquitoes. I do not like mosquitoes. First, don't you think it's weird that they have the word Toes in their name? And second, where do you think the most annoying place to get bit my a mosquito is?

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Marcelina said...

since misquitoe bites tend to swell on me, it's really annoying when i get bit somewhere where there isn't much skin. This summer a mosquitoe bit me on the very top of my ear and it started to swell and gush puss because there was no room under the skin..