Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pistachios and Love Languages

Every week, God continues to stretch me in ways I know I need to be stretched. This week was awesome! I had a great set of 7 girls who all knew about the Lord, and had a fire to learn more and more every day.

This is my cabin and I. We went Christmas caroling one night, all around to every cabin. We had a great time being silly and making everyone laugh along with our awfully awesome songs.

One night, my cabin went with Kringle's cabin on a night hike, where we walked in the darkness along the road and up to the archery fields. Kringle did a little debrief concerning the light and the dark, and I felt the kids responded to the adventure really well.

My girls had a rough time getting out of bed unless you motivated them to do something, so almost every morning I brought out cards and they could play Go Fish once they were ready for the day. This gave them great opportunities to get to know some of the other staff as well as making us on time. Hehe =]

Counselor Hunt! Journey won this week, and oh man was he funny. I didn't get dressed up this week which was a nice break. It was fun helping out the kids and decorating everyone into hilarious costumes.

MC5 and Monty finally participated this week, and the girls went wild decorating them. I could not stop laughing during their model struts in the fashion show.

Man oh MAN it was hot this week! Goodness. My girls spent a lot of time at the pool and pond zip. We did a lot of crafts together and I made a really sweet hemp bracelet =]

More card games with my girls. And Cody. Cody was a silly kid this week, but we had a great time. It's so encouraging to know that we as staff have such power to comfort kids and make them feel better even with just a simple high five or remembering their names.

These are my girls! Such characters and all so full of joy.

Wa, another week is over. It was rough saying goodbye to everyone. I have already gotten emails and phone calls today from my girls this week. We had such a great week, full of incredible questions and lots of learning time in cabin huddles. I pray that I can continue to be a good example and that my future cabin girls will be as responsive as this week.
Ah! God is just so great. He has filled my life with some incredible people that have already made such a difference in my life. I am excited about the future and about what God has planned for me. Yay yay yay yay happy happy happy. I am so joyful, and so excited for each and every day. Forever and ever amen. Eep! It is nice to be silly and goofy again. Hehe. I am smiling right meow.

Question of the blog:
One of my favorite things in the whole world is seeing people walking all alone, and smiling. I love seeing that they are comfortable with themselves and so joyful that they just let their honest smiles out. Do you ever people-watch? What is one of your favorite things to see?

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Moorea Seal said...

did you mean to write "I am smiling right meow" at the end of that last paragraph?

either way, if it was purposeful or not, it was cutsie and made me laugh.

i am so happy for you and i loved talking to you today. i miss you a lot, i almost cried today thinking about it.