Monday, February 22, 2010

Letter To The Editor

Dear C.S. Lewis,
You know I love you dearly. The books you have written are always on your mind, your knowledge is an overflowing fountain I love to dive into time after time. But I feel like I'm pulling teeth getting through The Four Loves right now! It's taken me much to long to finish a book with 141 pages!
Nevertheless, I am motivated today. And I am going to finish it. Today. I have a list of books that keep piling up, that I want to start chipping away at. And I'm not being mean when I say this, but I think we need to go on a little break. I promise you're still on my list to read! I just have a few before you. Ones that are lighter reads. Know that you are my hero and I love diving into the waters that are your mind. This book is just a little thicker and colder than usual. Not to say I am not retaining what you have to offer! I am receiving it! Slowly but surely. I pray that the next 26 pages are not as difficult as the last 115. Wish me luck....
Love Always,
Alexandra Seal

(Clive Staples Lewis. Image found on Google)

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miles b. said...

I just realized you're wearing a star wars shirt in your new header hahaha