Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some Day I Wanna Make You My Wife

Today, a glimmer of hope was shining through the depressing existence of what we call radio. I'll admit that I am a personal fan of decent hip hop, but for some reason, decent hip hop just does not exist on Sacramento radio stations! It's discouraging to start up your car, and instantly these obscene images start entering your mind through what you listen to on your drive to school.
When I was growing up, all I can remember is listening to the Christian radio station. I felt sort of left out sometimes at school when the girls knew all the Backstreet Boys songs and I didn't, but now that I am older, I feel like my parents did a great thing by not playing that while we were driving around during the day. It saved me from a lot of things that I feel shouldn't be drilled into children's heads like they do now. Maybe that's my conservative thinking, but I feel as though parenting these days is, how you say, not so much.
Anyways, back to my original point, which is that I heard this song that was obviously pretty popular because in the 2 hours of driving I did today, I heard it 4 times. As I first listened to it, I was about ready to change the station, but I heard surprising lyrics that encouraged me. Today I heard music that was finally going back to real romance instead of men looking on women like they were objects to take advantage of. Maybe it's a change of tides in rap music. Maybe they will go on a love and kindness rant and maybe a little less talk about clubbing and such as. If only more people could understand who really listen to them.

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JD said...

Got me singin like na na na na everyday