Monday, February 8, 2010


I hate dogs. Okay let me rephrase that: I hate every dog on our street.
My family lives on a little street in a historic town, known for its gold mining days, busy restaurants at harvest time, and a few gems such as Joanna Newsom and Golden Shoulders. When I was growing up, my street was so much more pleasant. Still, quiet, friendly neighbors. But recent years have brought in angsty hipsters (who I have blogged about once before) and so many dogs that I want to scream sometimes. Dramatic, I know, but when the dogs across the street keep you from sleeping, or when the little terrior is constantly surveying your property for any trace of.. Well, anything, or when the multitude of canines prop themselves on our doorstep to eat the food for Outside Kitty, I just want to go crazy!
Also, I know I complain about this all the time, but WHY must Facebook change continually? I definitely woke up from the wrong side of the bed this afternoon.

(The cats and I will destroy all of them.. In time.
Also, both photos from Weheartit)

Question of the blog:
What is one of your biggest pet (no pun intended) peeves? Is there something that just pushes your buttons like crazy over time?

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Rachel.d.Hurley said...

dogs barking on my street drive me crazy too!! I have an almost exact situation, my streets always been quiet besides the occasional dog barking which would erupt into a chorus of dogs all throughout the block. that was bad, but not terrible. until this new neighbor moved in next door with a dog that HOWLS right next to my window every morning around 7. its the worst when you're trying to sleep in.