Wednesday, February 10, 2010

River Days

This is what I miss today.

I miss the feeling of warm rocks,
the water that has pounded them so smooth.
They cuddle me as I fall asleep
on warm summer days that have no end.

Shining waters that reflect my heart,
my loved ones and the vision of
a new birth with the spirit.

May days with rushing rapids,
the water that takes victims and you still swim.
Forgetting towels and spontaneous dives,
Little creatures watching us.

Introverted days that lead me to the water,
I people watch and read my books.
Warm feelings and resting in the shade,
dips in the river to wet my hair.

Sun bathing and watch tans,
our mermaid rock that fits us perfectly.
Arizonas keep us hydrated,
Tevas to protect your feet.

Chatting under low hung trees,
little beaches where families rest.
My toes hang off my towel,
as I dip my toes in the warm sand.

The long walk back to the road,
we sit on towels as we climb the mountains once again.
Windows down, arms out.
Harmonies and banjo,
where freedom is the beads of water rolling off your skin.


miles b. said...

can this be a song please?

rebekkah said...

where is this? i remember seeing your pictures from this place before.. and i want to go! it's in nevada city?

JD said...

B e a u t i f u l