Thursday, October 8, 2009


0. Miles comes home today. Yess.
1. I have one last mid-term, I am so nervous.
2. Today, well, I guess yesterday, was Andy's and my 2 month. Yee.
3. I bought a new pillow for 3 dollars today. Pillows and toothbrushes can always make me happy.
4. Must get through Blue Like Jazz. I have 4 books on my list that I really want to read!!
5. I am poor. I think I have 5 dollars in cash in my wallet right now.
6. I hope you have seen this. It is so awesome but the music is so sad that I feel like the end is just going to be a photo of him jumping off a cliff or something. It's so depressing.
7. I will be seeing my man in 7 days. I cannot wait.
8. l8er. Remember sk8er boi?
Oh goodness.
Why am I awake at 3 am ;[

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