Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pandemonium, Luggage, Etc.

I signed up for Pandora today, and so far so good. Thank you Andy for the recommendation, and Jillian I am eagerly waiting for this David Gray cd! I googled Pandora today, and let me tell you there are a lot of things in this world called Pandora. I also caught up on my Greek mythology today, so I can check that one off my list. ?
Have you ever wondered how awful it must be to work in the lost luggage department at the airport? When I was at the airport picking up my parents this weekend, there came a thought in my brain that just wondered how bad off their job probably is.
"Hi, how can we help you today?"
"Well, I lost my luggage in flight 174"
"Okay. What color was it?"
"It was dark green. Probably medium sized. It had clothes in it. And some shampoo."
I can't imagine how monotonous that must be, because come on, luggage all looks the same! Why is it that every luggage bag is a darker shade of green? I've always wondered why the standard color isn't like, brown, or blue. They're all dark green... You do get the occasional red one, that adds a bit of flare and Christmas tide to it all.
This was a very scattered blog. My mind is all over the place tonight!

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