Friday, October 2, 2009

Sandpaper Type Of Love

This made me melt. I LOVE KITTIES.
Last night, I was talking/crying to my dad about life in general, when Addie our little tuxedo cat came up to me. She just stared as I continued expressing what my heart felt like, and ever few seconds would let out a little mew. Like she was crying with me. I feel like cats know when you are in pain, or at least all of the cats we have owned just have that sense. I remember being a child, sick in bed for the day, and my cats would come cuddle me all day long. I remember my kitties just staring at me with longing eyes while I cried, and jumping on my lap just to kneed my belly for me.
Little paws massaging my thighs,
Faint mewing to let me know she feels the same,
Sandpaper tongue on my fingers. You can cry. I will be with you.
I love kitties. Forever and alwaysss.

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